The following pages (as well as the instructions printed on the glasses) make up the complete set of instructions you need to follow, in order to use's eclipse glasses:

Also available: Solar Eclipse viewing instructions in over 100 languages!

Thanks for your commitment to view the eclipse safely!

Worried about non-certified glasses? Read about what happened in 2017!

Here are links from the American Astronomical Society:
(You won't find any better instruction on how to correctly use a safe, approved method for observing the eclipse!)

We also refer you to the instructions contained on the glasses themselves, (which you must read and follow),
to this great set of eclipse viewing instructions published by the National Science Teachers Association,
and to other sites where you can find complete viewing instructions!

Additionally, has also prepared a set of
Solar Eclipse viewing instructions in over 100 languages!

It's a courtesy we're providing for folks who are coming from around the world to see the eclipse!
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English Eclipse Viewing Instructions are available as well, of course!

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