The eclipse is over.
We hope you enjoyed it!
is coming to
North America!

It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
...and we want everyone to see it!
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Eclipse Viewing instructions in more than 100 languages!

The world is coming to North America to see an eclipse!

Order Solar Eclipse Glasses, Made in USA

Many people who visit North America to see the eclipse will likely have a very good grasp of English, French or Spanish. However, it is always nice to be welcomed in your own language! has therefore worked diligently with professional, native-speaking, human translators to produce the effort you see on this page: A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to solar eclipses, which includes instructions for using ISO-certified eclipse glasses to safely view the eclipse – translated into more than 100 languages!

In this concise booklet, you'll find easy-to-understand information about total and partial solar eclipses, links to determine what you'll see in your location, and exactly when you need to use the eclipse glasses to protect your eyes! We've tried to make it as simple as possible to be sure you enjoy the eclipse safely!

We haven’t just run the English version of the Instructions through Google Translate, either; our goal was to provide an accurate, readable document for everyone that would feel as though it had been originally written in the target language. If you feel more at home using one of these languages, we hope you will agree!

Please feel free to download and share these with anyone you feel would benefit from them. At, it’s all about giving YOU the information you need to be able to have fun – and be safe – on eclipse day!

(Please let us know if there are any errors you find with any translation.)

(Can you provide an accurate translation into a language we don’t have?)

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