The eclipse is over.
We hope you enjoyed it!
está chegando à
América do Norte!

É o Grande Eclipse da América do Norte!
...e queremos que todos vejam!
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Eclipse Blog

The world is coming to North America to see an eclipse!

I have to drive a long way to be in the path. Why should I go to all that trouble?

If you go, you will understand. It is simply the most unbelievable thing you can ever experience in your life. If you stay home, then nothing we can say will convince you that you should've gone. Please trust someone who's seen thirteen of these, on all continents - don't miss it!

Can’t I just drive to somewhere in the path, get out and watch the eclipse wherever I end up?

Technically, you'll be able to see totality from anywhere in the path. The closer you are to the center of the path, the longer totality will be for you. If this is your first eclipse, it would be a good plan to try and get as close to that centerline (The blue line on the map above) as possible. However, you should also be respectful of where you choose to...

What if it’s cloudy on eclipse day?

Eclipse chasers don't like to use the C-word, but they do have to consider the possibility, of course. If it's cloudy, you won't see what you will see if it's clear - simple as that. You can check the eclipse weather on our site, of course. For those in the path: If the sky is completely overcast, it will get VERY dark - pitch black, in fact, to the point...

Tell me the best place to watch the eclipse from!

Easy!  Someplace in the path of totality, where the weather is clear on eclipse day! (How's that for committing to an answer?!) But seriously, beyond that general recommendation, can't tell you where you should watch the eclipse from - there are just too many variables in play: Where can you find lodging? What places might you want to visit in conjunction with the eclipse?  [pun intended!] What is your...

After the eclipse is over – then what?

It is an almost universal reaction after seeing a total eclipse:  You will be asking yourself within about a half a second when the next one is.  And the answer to that is that there isn't another one on land until 2026 (in Iceland and Spain). After that, the next "easy" one in North America doesn't happen until 2045! That is a long time to wait! Get to this one...’s eclipse day experience from 8/21/17!

Every person who chases eclipses finds something special in each one of them. We like to say that by chasing eclipses, we get to experience a "trip of a lifetime" about every other year or so! As with all things in life, it is not the destination ("We saw the eclipse") so much as it is the journey, the adventure, the risks we take in deciding to leave our houses...