The eclipse is over.
We hope you enjoyed it!
is coming to
North America!

It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
...and we want everyone to see it!
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with all the rules and protocols for eye safety when observing any solar phenomenon. – Are your eclipse glasses safe? – Eclipse 2024 blog

Eclipse Blog

The world is coming to North America to see an eclipse! – Are your eclipse glasses safe?

PLEASE NOTE – and provide glasses that are made by the same REPUTABLE companies: Rainbow Symphony and American Paper Optics.  Everything you read below about applies equally to!

(From just before the 2017 eclipse):

We are getting the question about safety a lot, now that the news media has come out with lots of stories about counterfeit or knockoff brand glasses, and the dangers of using glasses that do not meet the ISO 12312-2:2015 standard.

We don’t know what you’ll get with other companies’ glasses, but we can tell you that you’ll have no problem at all with the ones you purchase from  (provided you follow the instructions printed on the glasses, and the instructions linked to on our orders page). is on the American Astronomical Society’s list of Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers!  You can’t get a better endorsement than that!

ALL glasses sold by are manufactured by American Paper Optics and Rainbow Symphony – two companies NASA recommends as top-notch in the world, whose products are fully ISO certified, and endorsed by the AAS.

These companies were the first to submit their products to the testing labs following the adoption of the ISO standard in 2015, and their glasses were found to exceed all the standards for safety.  In fact, the ISO certification for them was simply a validation of the high quality their products have ALWAYS had – all the way back to the beginning of their operations.  Oh, and we get all our glasses shipped DIRECT from their USA factories to us – so there’s no middleman at all to take a chance on.

If you’d like to hear a discussion about eye safety with Mark Margolis (of Rainbow Symphony) and Dr. Ralph Chou (the world’s leading expert on eye safety, who WROTE the ISO 12312-2:2015 standard!), check out the eye safety page in the Eclipse Roundtable.  (In fact, check out all the pages in the roundtable – it’s a great discussion!)

I personally know the owners of both American Paper Optics and Rainbow Symphony, I have used their glasses at all 13 of the total eclipses I’ve observed, I respect them as honest businessmen, and I trust their products to be used by my family.  That’s why they are the ONLY products sells.  If you follow the instructions, you’ll be perfectly safe!  Have a great eclipse!

Dan McGlaun, CEO (Chief Eclipse Officer)


YOU WILL BE ABLE to see the filaments of incandescent light bulbs through SAFE eclipse glasses. You will also be able to see the arc from welding torches.  And, you probably could see the sparks from a Thermite reaction (though I have no personal experience with this!) WHY?  Because these are as hot and bright as the SUN!!  But, the Sun also has dangerous levels of UV light that the eclipse glasses filter out – they are tested at more wavelengths than just the visible ones!  So, if you have glasses that came from APO or Rainbow Symphony, you have the best in the world.  There are none better, and they will protect your eyes if you follow all the instructions.

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