The eclipse is over.
We hope you enjoyed it!
está chegando à
América do Norte!

É o Grande Eclipse da América do Norte!
...e queremos que todos vejam!
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Eclipse Blog

The world is coming to North America to see an eclipse!

Will I be able to get into a viewing area?

Rules will be set up by each community's security officials and governments, and will host a community page dedicated to the plans each individual community is making. If you want to get into an official viewing area, and plan ahead, you should be able to. So long as you are in the path of totality, and you have good weather, you will be able to see and experience totality.

I live in the path! Can I watch it from my house?

Absolutely!! You are incredibly lucky, and you should invite lots of friends over. Please read as much as you can about the eclipse (we'll have a page up soon on how to host an eclipse party!), and get enough pairs of eclipse glasses for all the people you'll invite to experience it with you. An eclipse is even better if shared with a few hundred of your closest friends! Eclipse...

How do I take pictures of the eclipse?

We have a page dedicated to eclipse photography, and you can get lots more information both there and on our eclipse links page.  The bottom line is: Unless you have special solar filters for your camera and telescope, you can't even set up for pictures like this - the heat of the sun will melt your lenses (not to mention your eyes)! If you want to pull out a point...

Should I take my kids out of school to see the total eclipse?

Many schools are going to be in session on April 8, and if your kid goes to one that is NOT in the path, you might want to think about taking them out of school to see totality. Not sure that you want to do that?  We understand.  But consider this personal message, from the webmaster of I am not a teacher, though I hold a High School Math...

What will the eclipse be like in (any location not in the path)?

We had a question about where the best viewing location would be in Hawaii.  But Hawaii is not in the path of totality, so from there one will only see a partial eclipse.  This means they have to use eye protection for the whole eclipse.  For the partial eclipse in Hawaii, pretty much anywhere is as good as anyplace else, as long as the weather is good. And that goes...

Can I bring my pets to watch the eclipse?

NO! Animals will be scared senseless by the eclipse, and you will want to be enjoying it instead of trying to calm your crazed critters. Everyone around you will not want to be bothered by your animals either, so please leave them at home. Again, you have to take the word of people who have seen many of these - the dogs and cats will NOT like it! In fact,...

Can’t I just drive to somewhere in the path, get out and watch the eclipse wherever I end up?

Technically, you'll be able to see totality from anywhere in the path. The closer you are to the center of the path, the longer totality will be for you. If this is your first eclipse, it would be a good plan to try and get as close to that centerline (The blue line on the map above) as possible. However, you should also be respectful of where you choose to...

How fast is the shadow moving across the continent during the eclipse?

A great question! The Moon does indeed "carry" its shadow along with it, as it moves in its orbit around the Earth. And whenever that shadow happens to scrape across the Earth, we have a total eclipse!  (Of course, you have to be in the Path of Totality to see the total eclipse, and you have to use eye protection whenever the eclipse is not total - regardless of whether...

Can I use a telescope to watch the eclipse?

ONLY if you have a special solar filter that fits over the end of the scope (not at the eyepiece!), AND you know how to use it! Those are about $200 each, so you should know whether you have one or not! Ditto for binoculars - if you bring them, you can ONLY use them during the brief period of totality. You CANNOT look directly at the Sun in any...

Can’t I just watch the eclipse on TV?

You sure can - the same way you can watch a wonderful meal being eaten on TV, a live shot of a huge pile of hundred-dollar bills on TV, or a guy having a great date with a wonderful woman - on TV. It's not the same as being there by a long shot! Most eclipse pictures: Nice, but not really the same as being there! You cannot rely on...