The eclipse is over.
We hope you enjoyed it!
is coming to
North America!

It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
...and we want everyone to see it!
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How do I take pictures of the eclipse? – Eclipse 2024 blog

Eclipse Blog

The world is coming to North America to see an eclipse!

How do I take pictures of the eclipse?

We have a page dedicated to eclipse photography, and you can get lots more information both there and on our eclipse links page.  The bottom line is:

Unless you have special solar filters for your camera and telescope, you can’t even set up for pictures like this – the heat of the sun will melt your lenses (not to mention your eyes)!

If you want to pull out a point and shoot during totality, be advised that your pictures will NOT be any good unless you go for something of human interest. First of all, you need a huge telephoto lens to take pictures of something the (apparent) size of the Sun. If you don’t believe us, go out and take a picture of the full Moon the next time you see one. It’s about the same size as the Sun, and it will show you the kind of results you’ll get. Leave picture-taking to the astronomers and the folks with filters and huge telephoto lenses, and simply enjoy the view with your eyes.

Whatever you do, do NOT use any type of flash! Not only will you not get pictures that are any good (see above), but you’ll ruin the experience of the eclipse for everyone around you when your flash goes off! Put the camera up, and watch the thing! No picture ever did justice to a total eclipse anyway!

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