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It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
...and we want everyone to see it!
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Can I wear eclipse glasses over my regular eyeglasses? – Eclipse 2024 blog

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The world is coming to North America to see an eclipse!

Can I wear eclipse glasses over my regular eyeglasses?

Yes, you can certainly put them over regular eyeglasses, as I myself do!

The reality is that these “eclipse glasses” are really solar filters, and are designed to be used for only a brief time, as you glance at the partial phases to check on the progress of the eclipse – and be able to actually participate in the excitement as the partial phase grows – toward totality! People will simply hold them over their eyes for a few seconds, to get a view of the partially-eclipsed Sun, and then turn away from the Sun after so many seconds of looking at the eclipse’s progress.

The glasses themselves look like regular old pieces of cardboard, but what they contain as “lenses” is VERY specific, scientifically-designed solar filter material (which conforms to the ISO specification intended to regulate material which allows for safe direct solar viewing!).  If you think of them as filters which let you look at the Sun safely (which they ARE), rather than “glasses” to be worn like regular sunglasses (which they ARE NOT!), then you’ll get the picture.

They are NOT to be worn while walking around, or driving, or doing any other activities – they are simply too dark!


So do as I do, and simply hold them in place over your regular eyeglasses!  They will protect your eyes for the few seconds that you look at the partial phases.  And you can do that over and over and over again, as the partial phase deepens.  If you don’t have them, you can ONLY see the partial phases by using a method like projection.

You will NOT use them for the total phase of the eclipse – only for the partial phases. 

Here’s the rule:  If ANY PART of the Sun’s bright disk is still visible, you MUST use the eclipse glasses.

If you look directly at the Sun without eye protection,
and it is not being TOTALLY eclipsed,
then you WILL damage your eyes.

Uh-uh! The Sun isn’t totally covered – you HAVE to use eye protection!

Once the eclipse is total (which means, you are IN THE PATH of totality, and the Moon is COMPLETELY covering the Sun), then you will not be able to see anything if you try to use the eclipse glasses – they’re too dark!

Totality!  No filters needed!
(But you only see this if you’re IN THE PATH!)

At this time ONLY, you can look at the totally-eclipsed Sun safely, without any eye protection.  WHY?  Because the Sun is being totally covered up!  There’s nothing dangerous to look at, that you might have otherwise needed eye protection for!

But the second that you see the Diamond Ring, once the total phase is over – then you need to once again use the eclipse glasses to protect your eyes – because the Sun is then no longer totally eclipsed!

Diamond Ring! – Use eye protection again immediately!

Please see our very detailed eclipse viewing instructions page (available in MANY languages!) to get more details on this!  Eye safety is CRITICAL – so get educated!  And enjoy the eclipse SAFELY!


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