The eclipse is over.
We hope you enjoyed it!
is coming to
North America!

It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
...and we want everyone to see it!
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2024 Eclipse Information for Educators! will collect and host lesson plan information for you to prepare for the eclipse!

Order Solar Eclipse Glasses, Made in USA

Educators! Contact us NOW for AMAZING pricing on USA-made, certified eclipse glasses! Use the experience of our 15 total eclipses to help you plan for eclipse day! will be making a concerted effort to contact every single newspaper, radio station, and TV station in or near the path of totality, in order to notify them to disseminate information to their customers, and provide updates as new information is required. There is a wealth of eclipse information available on this site and many others, so you can be sure to provide accurate, timely, and correct guidance to everyone in your area.

We understand that it is a very difficult situation to put you in, to ask that you take on the responsibility of overseeing your students while they're watching a phenomenon that could potentially damage their eyes if proper precautions are not taken. Still, the educational opportunities presented by this event are impossible to overstate. Therefore, recommends that you use this event as a chance to teach everything you can about the dynamics of the motion of the Earth and Moon, and encourage students to watch it themselves with their parents - even if this means staying home from school on eclipse day! We recommend that you have the students report their experiences on eclipse day as the final written report of an educational project, and if you like, submit some of them to us for inclusion on this site!

Read about eclipse glasses, ISO Certification, and what happened to many educators preparing for the 2017 total eclipse.

Be sure to visit this wonderful Resource Guide for the 2017 Total Eclipse, published by the prestigious Astronomical Society of the Pacific!

NASA has put together this Teacher Toolkit for the 2017 Total Eclipse!

PBS has put together this Learning Media Folder for the 2017 Total Eclipse!

Award-winning Astronomer and Educator Andy Fraknoi has put together this excellent set of eclipse resources and activities you can use with your students!

And don't forget to look at our comprehensive eclipse resources pages, where we've gathered all our eclipse information and resources for every community!

Whatever you do, please do not lose this opportunity to have your students participate in a most awesome and wonderful spectacle!