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New Hampshire, USA

What will the 2024 total solar eclipse look like?

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Interactive 2024 eclipse map for New Hampshire

Map of the New Hampshire area, showing the path of totality in gray

(Please note that does not endorse or approve any specific viewing sites related to the 2024 eclipse. Selection of a suitable viewing site, including due diligence, weather considerations, infrastructure, travel, logistics, understanding of time zones, avoidance of trespassing on private lands, and safety considerations, is solely the responsibility of the eclipse observer.)

You MUST use certified eye protection ("eclipse glasses")
whenever ANY PART of the Sun’s disk is visible.

ISO-Certified Eclipse Glasses

The Total Eclipse of April 8, 2024

Another total solar eclipse is coming to North America! This time, totality will also pass over Mexico and Canada – giving people all over North America another chance to experience this great celestial event.

In order to see totality, you have to be in the path of totality. If you aren’t in that path, you’ll only see a partial eclipse. You can learn more about those details with our simple eclipse viewing instructions guide.

This blog post will tell you about the 2024 eclipse as seen from New Hampshire. Please check out all the links we’ve provided below to learn more about the 2024 total solar eclipse from other locations.

This blog post will tell you about the 2024 eclipse as seen from New Hampshire. Please check out all the links we’ve provided below to learn more about the 2024 total solar eclipse from other locations.

The Total Eclipse of April 8, 2024 in New Hampshire

The northern third of New Hampshire lies squarely in the path of totality, and will be a great place to watch the eclipse from – weather permitting! It is very important you know where the path is, to help you plan your eclipse-day viewing. The map shows you all you need to know, but we’ll give a few highlights below.

Where can I see the total eclipse?

The path travels from west to east through the state, with a slight northeasterly tilt. Most of the roads in the path are north-south. This means you really have to watch the weather and plan which locations you’re going to prioritize, because it’ll be very tough to get from one to the other on eclipse day!

The centerline will not pass through New Hampshire, but you’ll maximize your totality time by being as far north as you can be. If there were a safe place to stop on US3 near the Canadian border, you’d see almost three and a half minutes of totality from there. Pittsburg offers much safer viewing options, and still gets a very respectable 3m15s in the shadow.

From there, the farther south you go the less totality you see. Stewartstown gets 3m14s, while Colebrook is down to three minutes. Groveton at 1m45s and Lancaster (with about 40 seconds) round out the trip to the path’s edge on US3.

If you’re in Berlin, you are NOT in the path! You can head to any location north of you, keeping in mind that Milan is right on the southern limit. Road conditions need to be kept firmly in mind this time of year, and you’ll need to use your knowledge of the local area to determine the safest path for you to get north into the path.

What will I see on eclipse day?

Please note that the big locations of Concord, Portsmouth, Nashua, Lebanon and Manchester are not in the path! You will need to be north of these places on eclipse day to see totality. People who are in towns like these will see a deep partial eclipse, with sky darkening and possibly some interesting edge effects. But there will be no corona, no totality, and no dramatic moments on eclipse day. You’ll need to use your eclipse glasses for the entire event, where just up the road folks are enjoying totality. It’s true that “close” just isn’t close enough when it comes to totality!

It’s certainly true that any type of eclipse is an exciting event, but we’d like to encourage you to make it into the path if at all possible on eclipse day. What you’ll see there (vs. back home outside the path) will be literally the difference between night and day!

Check out our blog posts for Boston, Barre, Bangor, Vermont and Fredericton to get more info on viewing details for those areas.

Order eclipse glasses! If the Sun is not COMPLETELY eclipsed you MUST always use ISO-certified eye protection ("eclipse glasses") to watch the eclipse. That means that, even if these things are going on around you, if you’re not in the path you won’t be able to see most of them. It will be best for you to get as far north and west as possible, to make sure you’re in the path and will be able to see totality.

Order eclipse glasses!

When will the eclipse happen?

Eclipse day is April 8, 2024
Eclipse day is April 8, 2024!

Whatever the eclipse brings to the area, it will be most interesting as the shadow passes by – in the northern part of the state, remember.

This will happen just after 3:28pm EDT.

The eclipse happens at different times in different locations. Use the slider on the map above to show you when totality will happen as the eclipse passes through New Hampshire.

Use ISO-certified eye protection during the partial phases

ISO Certification

ISO Certification Always remember the rule for using eye protection during an eclipse: If there’s ANY bright part of the Sun showing, then you have to use your eclipse glasses to watch the event.

The Eclipse Simulator That means if you can see anything at all of the Sun through the glasses, then the Sun is too bright and you have to leave the glasses on! If you can see absolutely NO piece of the Sun through the eclipse glasses, then it’s safe to take them off. But the second any bright part of the Sun becomes visible again, you have to put them back on – and this can be mere seconds after you took them off. It would be so much better for you to get into the path, and really enjoy seeing totality!

We also have an entire section of the site dedicated to providing much more detailed eclipse viewing instructions for you!

The Eclipse Simulator

Check out the Eclipse Simulator!

Wherever you decide to view from, be sure to plan your route carefully, and watch the weather to make sure you’ll have good skies on eclipse day. And please be sure to check out’s eclipse simulator for any location you’d like to preview. The simulator will show you exactly what the eclipse will look like for any location you choose!

The Eclipse Simulator Eclipse Simulator videos!

If you'd just like to preview the eclipse without using the simulator, we've made videos for the 2023 annular eclipse and the 2024 total eclipse as seen from over 2,200 locations! You can find them on our 2024 eclipse YouTube channel, but we've made it even easier for you - just visit our eclipse simulator video page to get started!'s Eclipse Simulator videos wishes everyone CLEAR SKIES on eclipse day - April 8, 2024! wishes everyone CLEAR SKIES on eclipse day - April 8, 2024!

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