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América del Norte!

¡Es el Gran Eclipse Norteamericano!
...¡Y queremos que todos lo vean!
Su uso de este sitio depende de la comprensión y el acuerdo que usted ha leído este enlace, usted está de acuerdo con su contenido, y deberá cumplir con todas las reglas del sentido común y bien establecido protocolos de seguridad ocular al observar cualquier fenómeno solar.
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AAS.org Names Eclipse2024.org an Approved Distributor of Safe Solar Glasses

Eclipse2024.org is an AAS approved vendor of ISO certified Eclipse Glasses!

Don't wait! Demand is growing, and eclipse glasses are going to become hard to find!

Order Solar Eclipse Glasses, Made in USA

On April 8, 2024, millions of people across North America will see a total solar eclipse. It will be spectacular, and we'd like to remind you of the importance of eye safety while watching any eclipse. The American Astronomical Society (AAS) plays a crucial role in ensuring that viewers have access to safe eclipse glasses through its approval program. With everyone in North America needing eclipse glasses for the upcoming total solar eclipse in 2024, and supplies of eclipse glasses running low, you have to plan ahead and get your eclipse glasses from a reputable source.

The AAS Approval Program

The AAS maintains a list of reputable manufacturers and vendors who sell eclipse glasses that meet the standard set by ISO. To become an approved manufacturer or distributor, a company must provide documentation proving that their glasses meet the ISO 12312-2:2015 standard for safe solar viewing and pass a thorough review process by the AAS. The glasses must have the proper labeling and meet strict requirements for quality, materials, and construction.

Eclipse2024.org Approved by the AAS

Eclipse2024.org is pleased to announce that we are an approved distributor for eclipse glasses by the AAS! The glasses we sell are made ONLY by certified, major manufacturers in the USA. Nothing is imported, and nothing is a knockoff. Your glasses go straight from the manufacturers, to us, to you.

How to Shop for Eclipse Glasses

If you're planning to view a solar eclipse, you have to protect your eyes from the sun. Here are some tips for choosing safe eclipse glasses:

  • Only buy eclipse glasses from organizations on the AAS's approved list - like Eclipse2024.org! This will ensure that the glasses meet the necessary safety standards.
  • You will see the ISO 12312-2:2015 certification printed on the glasses. This standard ensures that the glasses are safe for solar viewing. It must be printed on the glasses, but remember: Anyone can print anything on the eclipse glasses!
  • Your eclipse glasses MUST have the name of the manufacturer printed on them! If they don't, then they do NOT meet the standard. Ask yourself why the manufacturer would NOT want to have their name proudly displayed on the glasses. The ISO standard requires it!
  • Check the glasses for damage: Before using your glasses, check them for scratches, creases, holes, or other damage that could prevent them from completely protecting your eyes.
  • Read more information about the ISO 12312-2 standard for eclipse glasses, about what happened with eclipse glasses in 2017, about "NASA" certification of eclipse glasses, and more about how to know YOUR eclipse glasses are safe!

Order your eclipse glasses NOW!

Eclipse2024.org is proud to be an AAS approved vendor for eclipse glasses. All the glasses we sell are of the highest quality - SAFE and RELIABLE, and perfect for use in watching the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. The manufacturers are having a difficult time keeping up with demand, so order yours today - before they're gone!