The eclipse is over.
We hope you enjoyed it!
está chegando à
América do Norte!

É o Grande Eclipse da América do Norte!
...e queremos que todos vejam!
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April 2020 – Eclipse 2024 blog

Eclipse Blog

The world is coming to North America to see an eclipse!’s Offical 2024 Eclipse Blog!

Welcome to’s official blog page!   Over the next few months (as we approach eclipse day), we’ll be posting about all things eclipse-related.  Your author is Dan McGlaun, a veteran eclipse chaser with 13 total eclipses under his belt.  All topics will be fair game:  What causes eclipses, what you’ll see, where you need to be, what you need to have with you, eclipse news and events we learn about,... – Are your eclipse glasses safe?

PLEASE NOTE - and provide glasses that are made by the same REPUTABLE companies: Rainbow Symphony and American Paper Optics.  Everything you read below about applies equally to! (From just before the 2017 eclipse): We are getting the question about safety a lot, now that the news media has come out with lots of stories about counterfeit or knockoff brand glasses, and the dangers of using...

I’m sure we saw an eclipse when I was a kid. We made pinhole viewers, and it was interesting – but not like what you’re saying at all.

That's because what you saw was a PARTIAL (or maybe an ANNULAR) eclipse. You absolutely have to use eye protection to watch these types of eclipses, and you're right - it's not very exciting. But a TOTAL eclipse is something that cannot be described. If you go, then you will know....

Wasn’t there just an eclipse of the sun in the USA not too many years ago?

There was one on August 21, 2017.  Millions of people witnessed that eclipse, and some surely became die-hard eclipse chasers! The only total eclipses that have happened previous to this one in the last 40 years in the US were in 1979 (in the northwest part of the country only) and 1991 (Hawaii only). Anything else you saw was only a partial (and there have been lots of these, like...

The “Path of Totality” – how much totality do you get?

A question has come up about the path of totality and the centerline, regarding where the eclipse is total or not total, and how much totality you get in different places.  Here are some facts for you: The 2024 eclipse is called a "total" eclipse, but you will only see the "total" phase of the eclipse if you are in the "path of totality". The path of totality runs from...

So a lot of people will show up to see this eclipse?

You bet. There are literally thousands of people from all over the world who chase these things, every eclipse, no matter where. They go to the deserts of Mongolia, to cruise ships in the South Pacific, to remote areas of Indonesia, Angola, Australia, and even the Antarctic to catch a fleeting glimpse of the eclipsed sun.  And we get to see this one right in our back yard! You can...

When will the eclipse happen?

Monday, April 8, 2024. Clear your calendar! Total eclipses happen about once a year, somewhere on earth, but they're usually in very out-of-the-way places. There are groups of die-hard eclipse chasers who think these are so beautiful, they travel to the far corners of the earth to see them. Their planning begins years in advance, and usually entails difficult travel to the remotest parts of the earth. For the 2024...

I have to drive a long way to be in the path. Why should I go to all that trouble?

If you go, you will understand. It is simply the most unbelievable thing you can ever experience in your life. If you stay home, then nothing we can say will convince you that you should've gone. Please trust someone who's seen thirteen of these, on all continents - don't miss it!