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It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
...and we want everyone to see it!
Your use of this site is contingent on your understanding and agreement that you will comply
with all the rules and protocols for eye safety when observing any solar phenomenon.'s 2024 Eclipse Community Page for French Lick, Indiana

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Here, you'll find all the information we've been able to find for French Lick, as they prepare to host visitors to view the Great North American Eclipse of April 8, 2024! does not endorse or approve any viewing sites or events related to the 2024 eclipse. The information on this page has been provided by the individuals, companies and/or communities represented, and has not been validated, substantiated, or confirmed by Selection of a suitable viewing site and selection of events to attend, including due diligence, weather, infrastructure, travel, logistics, and safety considerations, is solely the responsibility of the eclipse observer and of the individuals, companies, and communities whose information appears on these pages. No relationship exists between and any individual, company, or community, nor may any such relationship be inferred to exist, by virtue of any information included on this page. All information on’s Community pages is provided “as is”, with no warranty or guarantee as to suitability for viewing the eclipse, suitability of any event associated with the eclipse, or preparedness by any individual or entity in any fashion to receive or host visitors.

Latitude: 38.54894N
Longitude: 86.61999W
Partial phase start*: 13:48:11 (EDT (GMT-4)), at "04:30 o'clock" on the sun's disk
Duration of Totality*: 3m 7.1s
Totality Start*: 15:04:36 (EDT (GMT-4))
Mid-eclipse*: 15:06:10 (EDT (GMT-4))

*All times shown are calculated for the lat/long specified above, and are accurate to within a couple of seconds, due mainly to influences of the "edge effects" at the start and end of totality. For a more detailed explanation of this, please see the "About Accuracy" section of this great 2017 eclipse page by Ernie Wright of NASA!
*These calculations were performed using a value of ΔT=69.2s.
Please also note that these times have been converted from UTC; if you see times that say "UTC", "UT", or "GMT", those are NOT the local times for you in French Lick!
Finally, please see our page about calculating eclipse times to the tenth of a second.
See all the great FREE resources we've put together for educators, media, and community leaders in French Lick
Map of French Lick
Map of French Lick and vicinity
Current Weather Forecast for French Lick
Visit our "Weather" links for other great cloud cover forecast maps!

French Lick is in the path of totality for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024!
Observers there will see (approximately) 3m 7.1s of totality!

(Get your eclipse glasses here – you MUST have them to safely view the partial phases of the eclipse!)

Are you looking for a location that is hosting visitors to watch the eclipse?

First, we'd suggest you contact local Chambers of Commerce and/or Town/City Councils
for the locations you're interested in.

Next, check out eclipse viewing and event plans that have been sent to us by officials of French Lick!

Official Plans for viewing the eclipse from French Lick:

No plans have been submitted to us yet.

If you are an official of French Lick, who is responsible for Eclipse2024 public outreach,
please send us information about your community’s 2024 eclipse plans – so we can share it here with everyone!
Please contact us if you have questions about anything related to the Community Pages.

See all the great FREE resources we've put together for educators, media, and community leaders in French Lick

And please be sure to check out Dr. Kate Russo's excellent resources on eclipse planning!
Her two white papers are world-class resources you MUST read. You'll find them at her Eclipse Community Planning page! encourages everyone to get into the path of totality on eclipse day,
and see one of the greatest sights the sky has to offer!

(And make sure to have enough eclipse glasses on hand for everyone!)

See’s eclipse simulator for French Lick

Opens the amazing, full-featured eclipse simulator, to show you exactly what the eclipse will look like!
(If this is your first visit, you’ll want to open the Eclipse Simulator Instruction page first!)

See detailed 2024 eclipse information for French Lick

Not where you want to be? Find eclipse community pages for other locations.

See all the great FREE resources we've put together for educators, media, and community leaders in French Lick

Detailed 2024 eclipse viewing information for regions that include French Lick

We've written some very detailed information about viewing the 2024 eclipse from the area surrounding French Lick.
You'll be able to find out when and where the eclipse will happen, and see animated maps of the eclipse throughout the region!

Detailed eclipse viewing information
for the Indianapolis area:


2024 Eclipse information for