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Circumstances for the eclipse in MISSOURI



    Total/Partial C1 C2 Mid C3 C4 Duration
AIRPORT Bismarck Memorial Airport - H57 T 11:49:30am 1:17:34pm 1:18:27pm 1:19:19pm 2:45:06pm 1m 45s 100%
AIRPORT Cameron Memorial Airport - EZZ T 11:41:42am 1:07:40pm 1:08:55pm 1:10:10pm 2:35:39pm 2m 30s 100%
AIRPORT Cape Girardeau Regional Airport - CGI T 11:51:54am 1:20:46pm 1:21:14pm 1:21:42pm 2:47:44pm 0m 56s 100%
AIRPORT Carrollton Memorial Airport - K26 T 11:43:15am 1:09:33pm 1:10:52pm 1:12:12pm 2:37:38pm 2m 39s 100%
AIRPORT Chillicothe Municipal Airport - CHT T 11:43:10am 1:09:54pm 1:10:28pm 1:11:01pm 2:36:57pm 1m 7s 100%
AIRPORT Columbia Regional Airport - COU T 11:45:53am 1:12:40pm 1:14:00pm 1:15:19pm 2:40:39pm 2m 40s 100%
AIRPORT Cuba Municipal Airport - UBX T 11:47:43am 1:15:33pm 1:16:25pm 1:17:16pm 2:43:12pm 1m 44s 100%
AIRPORT East Kansas City Airport - 3GV T 11:41:58am 1:09:08pm 1:09:41pm 1:10:14pm 2:36:49pm 1m 6s 100%
AIRPORT Elton Hensley Memorial Airport - FTT T 11:46:18am 1:13:07pm 1:14:25pm 1:15:43pm 2:41:00pm 2m 36s 100%
AIRPORT Excelsior Springs Memorial Airport - 3EX T 11:41:55am 1:08:11pm 1:09:26pm 1:10:41pm 2:36:22pm 2m 30s 100%
AIRPORT Farmington Regional Airport - FAM T 11:49:52am 1:17:46pm 1:18:50pm 1:19:53pm 2:45:24pm 2m 7s 100%
AIRPORT Festus Memorial Airport - FES T 11:49:46am 1:17:07pm 1:18:26pm 1:19:45pm 2:44:47pm 2m 38s 100%
AIRPORT Fredericktown Regional Airport - H88 T 11:50:14am 1:18:28pm 1:19:18pm 1:20:08pm 2:45:54pm 1m 40s 100%
AIRPORT Gould Peterson Municipal Airport - K57 T 11:39:35am 1:05:43pm 1:06:07pm 1:06:31pm 2:32:40pm 0m 47s 100%
AIRPORT Greensfield Airport - M71 P 11:48:21am   1:16:29pm   2:42:40pm 0 100.00%
AIRPORT Hermann Municipal Airport - 63M T 11:47:21am 1:14:21pm 1:15:37pm 1:16:52pm 2:42:05pm 2m 32s 100%
AIRPORT Higginsville Industrial Mun. Airport - HIG T 11:42:58am 1:09:34pm 1:10:45pm 1:11:55pm 2:37:42pm 2m 21s 100%
AIRPORT Jefferson City Memorial Airport - JEF T 11:46:04am 1:13:06pm 1:14:21pm 1:15:37pm 2:41:07pm 2m 31s 100%
AIRPORT Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport - VER T 11:44:56am 1:11:35pm 1:12:55pm 1:14:14pm 2:39:39pm 2m 39s 100%
AIRPORT Kansas City International Airport - MCI T 11:40:57am 1:07:29pm 1:08:24pm 1:09:19pm 2:35:30pm 1m 51s 100%
AIRPORT Lexington Municipal Airport - 4K3 T 11:42:28am 1:08:52pm 1:10:06pm 1:11:19pm 2:37:02pm 2m 27s 100%
AIRPORT Linn State Tech College Airport - 1H3 T 11:46:47am 1:13:55pm 1:15:11pm 1:16:27pm 2:41:54pm 2m 32s 100%
AIRPORT Marshall Mem Municipal Airport - MHL T 11:43:53am 1:10:23pm 1:11:42pm 1:13:01pm 2:38:30pm 2m 38s 100%
AIRPORT Mexico Memorial Airport - MYJ T 11:46:34am 1:13:51pm 1:14:28pm 1:15:06pm 2:40:49pm 1m 15s 100%
AIRPORT Midwest National Air Center Airport - GPH T 11:41:42am 1:07:59pm 1:09:12pm 1:10:25pm 2:36:10pm 2m 26s 100%
AIRPORT Montgomery- Wehrman Airport - 4MO T 11:47:24am 1:14:50pm 1:15:26pm 1:16:02pm 2:41:43pm 1m 11s 100%
AIRPORT NorthwestMissouri Reg Airport - EVU P 11:40:25am   1:07:06pm   2:33:36pm 0 99.98%
AIRPORT Perryville Municipal Airport - K02 T 11:50:59am 1:18:33pm 1:19:53pm 1:21:13pm 2:46:11pm 2m 40s 100%
AIRPORT Plattsburg Airpark - 5MO T 11:41:22am 1:07:20pm 1:08:40pm 1:09:59pm 2:35:31pm 2m 39s 100%
AIRPORT Rankin Airport- 78Y P 11:40:35am   1:07:17pm   2:33:47pm 0 99.97%
AIRPORT Rolla National Airport - VIH T 11:47:01am 1:15:02pm 1:15:38pm 1:16:15pm 2:42:30pm 1m 13s 100%
AIRPORT Roosterville Airport - 0N0 T 11:41:28am 1:07:52pm 1:08:58pm 1:10:04pm 2:36:00pm 2m 12s 100%
AIRPORT Rosecrans Memorial Airport - STJ T 11:40:30am 1:06:16pm 1:07:36pm 1:08:55pm 2:34:27pm 2m 38s 100%
AIRPORT Sedalia Memorial Airport - DMO T 11:44:02am 1:11:19pm 1:12:08pm 1:12:56pm 2:39:08pm 1m 37s 100%
AIRPORT Slater Memorial Airport - 9K5 T 11:44:06am 1:10:32pm 1:11:50pm 1:13:08pm 2:38:31pm 2m 36s 100%
AIRPORT Spirit of St. Louis Airport - SUS T 11:49:03am 1:16:34pm 1:17:22pm 1:18:10pm 2:43:35pm 1m 36s 100%
AIRPORT St. Clair Regional Airport - K39 T 11:48:31am 1:15:42pm 1:17:02pm 1:18:21pm 2:43:30pm 2m 39s 100%
AIRPORT St. Louis Downtown Airport - CPS T 11:50:05am 1:18:13pm 1:18:29pm 1:18:45pm 2:44:33pm 0m 32s 100%
AIRPORT Sullivan Regional Airport - UUV T 11:48:11am 1:15:30pm 1:16:47pm 1:18:03pm 2:43:24pm 2m 33s 100%
AIRPORT Triple R Airport - 0C1 T 11:40:47am 1:06:54pm 1:08:06pm 1:09:18pm 2:35:06pm 2m 24s 100%
AIRPORT Washington County Airport - 8WC T 11:49:11am 1:16:53pm 1:18:01pm 1:19:09pm 2:44:37pm 2m 16s 100%
AIRPORT Washington Regional Airport - MO6 T 11:48:23am 1:15:33pm 1:16:45pm 1:17:57pm 2:43:07pm 2m 24s 100%
CITY Agency T 11:40:50am 1:06:44pm 1:08:03pm 1:09:22pm 2:34:57pm 2m 38s 100%
CITY Altamont T 11:42:01am 1:08:15pm 1:09:10pm 1:10:04pm 2:35:45pm 1m 49s 100%
CITY Altenburg T 11:51:41am 1:19:26pm 1:20:44pm 1:22:02pm 2:47:03pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY Amazonia T 11:40:31am 1:06:15pm 1:07:32pm 1:08:49pm 2:34:19pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Armstrong T 11:44:48am 1:11:25pm 1:12:34pm 1:13:42pm 2:39:07pm 2m 17s 100%
CITY Arnold T 11:49:42am 1:17:07pm 1:18:12pm 1:19:17pm 2:44:26pm 2m 11s 100%
CITY Arrow Rock T 11:44:23am 1:10:55pm 1:12:15pm 1:13:35pm 2:38:59pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Ashland T 11:45:48am 1:12:37pm 1:13:57pm 1:15:17pm 2:40:39pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Augusta T 11:48:37am 1:15:50pm 1:17:00pm 1:18:09pm 2:43:20pm 2m 19s 100%
CITY Auxvasse T 11:46:27am 1:13:23pm 1:14:27pm 1:15:32pm 2:40:54pm 2m 9s 100%
CITY Ballwin T 11:49:18am 1:16:49pm 1:17:41pm 1:18:33pm 2:43:53pm 1m 44s 100%
CITY Barnard T 11:40:37am 1:06:38pm 1:07:26pm 1:08:14pm 2:34:02pm 1m 36s 100%
CITY Barnhart T 11:49:42am 1:17:03pm 1:18:15pm 1:19:28pm 2:44:32pm 2m 26s 100%
CITY Bates City T 11:42:14am 1:09:16pm 1:09:59pm 1:10:43pm 2:37:05pm 1m 27s 100%
CITY Belle T 11:47:03am 1:14:29pm 1:15:34pm 1:16:40pm 2:42:21pm 2m 11s 100%
CITY Bellflower T 11:47:31am 1:15:05pm 1:15:34pm 1:16:02pm 2:41:50pm 0m 58s 100%
CITY Benton City T 11:46:41pm 1:13:59pm 1:14:37pm 1:15:14pm 2:40:57pm 1m 16s 100%
CITY Berger T 11:47:40am 1:14:43pm 1:15:57pm 1:17:12pm 2:42:24pm 2m 29s 100%
CITY Biehle T 11:51:09am 1:19:03pm 1:20:14pm 1:21:24pm 2:46:39pm 2m 22s 100%
CITY Big Lake T 11:39:39am 1:05:11pm 1:06:26pm 1:07:40pm 2:33:12pm 2m 29s 100%
CITY Bigelow T 11:39:45am 1:05:20pm 1:06:32pm 1:07:45pm 2:33:17pm 2m 25s 100%
CITY Bismarck T 11:49:28am 1:17:30pm 1:18:25pm 1:19:19pm 2:45:03pm 1m 49s 100%
CITY Blackwater T 11:44:19am 1:10:56pm 1:12:15pm 1:13:33pm 2:39:03pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Bland T 11:47:13am 1:14:35pm 1:15:44pm 1:16:54pm 2:42:28pm 2m 20s 100%
CITY Bloomsdale T 11:50:11am 1:17:39pm 1:18:59pm 1:20:19pm 2:45:22pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY Blue Springs T 11:41:51am 1:09:07pm 1:09:33pm 1:10:00pm 2:36:42pm 0m 52s 100%
CITY Bogard T 11:43:11am 1:09:27pm 1:10:42pm 1:11:57pm 2:37:23pm 2m 31s 100%
CITY Bolckow T 11:40:37am 1:06:31pm 1:07:29pm 1:08:27pm 2:34:07pm 1m 56s 100%
CITY Bonne Terre T 11:49:32am 1:17:10pm 1:18:23pm 1:19:36pm 2:44:56pm 2m 26s 100%
CITY Boonville T 11:44:48am 1:11:26pm 1:12:46pm 1:14:05pm 2:39:30pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Bosworth T 11:43:32am 1:09:53pm 1:11:04pm 1:12:15pm 2:37:42pm 2m 21s 100%
CITY Bourbon T 11:48:03am 1:15:32pm 1:16:42pm 1:17:52pm 2:43:23pm 2m 20s 100%
CITY Braymer T 11:42:38am 1:08:48pm 1:10:02pm 1:11:15pm 2:36:43pm 2m 27s 100%
CITY Breckenridge T 11:42:35am 1:08:53pm 1:09:52pm 1:10:50pm 2:36:27pm 1m 56s 100%
CITY Brunswick T 11:43:56am 1:10:23pm 1:11:32pm 1:12:41pm 2:38:08pm 2m 17s 100%
CITY Buckner T 11:41:57am 1:08:38pm 1:09:36pm 1:10:34pm 2:36:39pm 1m 56s 100%
CITY Bunceton T 11:44:45am 1:11:37pm 1:12:50pm 1:14:02pm 2:39:41pm 2m 26s 100%
CITY California T 11:45:15am 1:12:20pm 1:13:28pm 1:14:36pm 2:40:19pm 2m 16s 100%
CITY Camden Point T 11:40:52am 1:07:02pm 1:08:12pm 1:09:23pm 2:35:13pm 2m 21s 100%
CITY Cameron T 11:41:46am 1:07:46pm 1:09:00pm 1:10:13pm 2:35:42pm 2m 27s 100%
CITY Cape Girardeau T 11:51:55am 1:20:22pm 1:21:12pm 1:22:02pm 2:47:39pm 1m 40s 100%
CITY Carrollton T 11:43:15am 1:09:32pm 1:10:51pm 1:12:09pm 2:37:35pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Cedar Hill T 11:49:10am 1:16:26pm 1:17:43pm 1:19:00pm 2:44:05pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Centertown T 11:45:34am 1:12:36pm 1:13:48pm 1:14:59pm 2:40:37pm 2m 23s 100%
CITY Centralia T 11:45:55am 1:12:55pm 1:13:46pm 1:14:37pm 2:40:11pm 1m 42s 100%
CITY Chamois T 11:46:49am 1:13:44pm 1:15:04pm 1:16:24pm 2:41:39pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Chesterfield T 11:49:15am 1:16:53pm 1:17:35pm 1:18:17pm 2:43:45pm 1m 24s 100%
CITY Chillicothe T 11:43:03am 1:09:43pm 1:10:20pm 1:10:57pm 2:36:50pm 1m 14s 100%
CITY Clark T 11:45:29am 1:12:23pm 1:13:16pm 1:14:09pm 2:39:42pm 1m 46s 100%
CITY Clarksburg T 11:45:03am 1:12:06pm 1:13:13pm 1:14:20pm 2:40:06pm 2m 14s 100%
CITY Clarksdale T 11:41:10am 1:07:02pm 1:08:17pm 1:09:32pm 2:35:02pm 2m 30s 100%
CITY Clifton Hill T 11:44:50am 1:11:43pm 1:12:28pm 1:13:13pm 2:38:55pm 1m 30s 100%
CITY Columbia T 11:45:37am 1:12:19pm 1:13:37pm 1:14:56pm 2:40:15pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Concordia T 11:43:12am 1:09:57pm 1:11:03pm 1:12:09pm 2:38:01pm 2m 12s 100%
CITY Corning T 11:39:26am 1:05:00pm 1:06:06pm 1:07:12pm 2:32:47pm 2m 12s 100%
CITY Cosby T 11:40:55am 1:06:44pm 1:07:59pm 1:09:14pm 2:34:44pm 2m 30s 100%
CITY Cowgill T 11:42:23am 1:08:30pm 1:09:47pm 1:11:04pm 2:36:31pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Craig T 11:39:36am 1:05:10pm 1:06:19pm 1:07:28pm 2:33:02pm 2m 18s 100%
CITY Creve Coeur T 11:49:28am 1:17:21pm 1:17:48pm 1:18:15pm 2:43:56pm 0m 55s 100%
CITY Crystal City T 11:49:46am 1:17:07pm 1:18:25pm 1:19:43pm 2:44:45pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY Crystal Lakes T 11:41:56am 1:08:09pm 1:09:26pm 1:10:42pm 2:36:21pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Cuba T 11:47:46am 1:15:36pm 1:16:28pm 1:17:21pm 2:43:15pm 1m 45s 100%
CITY Dalton T 11:44:13am 1:10:44pm 1:11:51pm 1:12:57pm 2:38:25pm 2m 13s 100%
CITY De Soto T 11:49:27am 1:16:49pm 1:18:09pm 1:19:29pm 2:44:35pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY De Witt T 11:43:46am 1:10:09pm 1:11:23pm 1:12:36pm 2:38:01pm 2m 27s 100%
CITY Dearborn T 11:40:48am 1:06:51pm 1:08:06pm 1:09:20pm 2:35:04pm 2m 29s 100%
CITY Desloge T 11:49:37am 1:17:20pm 1:18:30pm 1:19:40pm 2:45:04pm 2m 20s 100%
CITY Dover T 11:42:55am 1:09:20pm 1:10:36pm 1:11:53pm 2:37:30pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Edgerton T 11:41:04am 1:07:08pm 1:08:23pm 1:09:39pm 2:35:21pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Eureka T 11:49:09am 1:16:28pm 1:17:36pm 1:18:43pm 2:43:53pm 2m 15s 100%
CITY Excelsior Springs T 11:41:52am 1:08:07pm 1:09:22pm 1:10:37pm 2:36:19pm 2m 30s 100%
CITY Fairfax T 11:39:32am 1:05:16pm 1:06:09pm 1:07:01pm 2:32:46pm 1m 45s 100%
CITY Farmington T 11:49:53am 1:17:44pm 1:18:49pm 1:19:55pm 2:45:23pm 2m 12s 100%
CITY Fayette T 11:44:52am 1:11:27pm 1:12:43pm 1:13:59pm 2:39:20pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Fenton T 11:49:30am 1:16:58pm 1:17:56pm 1:18:54pm 2:44:09pm 1m 56s 100%
CITY Festus T 11:49:44am 1:17:04pm 1:18:23pm 1:19:41pm 2:44:43pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Foristell T 11:48:23am 1:15:54pm 1:16:35pm 1:17:16pm 2:42:49pm 1m 22s 100%
CITY Fortescue T 11:39:42am 1:05:16pm 1:06:32pm 1:07:48pm 2:33:19pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Franklin T 11:44:42am 1:11:18pm 1:12:38pm 1:13:58pm 2:39:22pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY Fredericktown T 11:50:15am 1:18:41pm 1:19:20pm 1:20:00pm 2:45:58pm 1m 19s 100%
CITY Frohna T 11:51:35am 1:19:21pm 1:20:39pm 1:21:56pm 2:46:58pm 2m 35s 100%
CITY Fulton T 11:46:24am 1:13:14pm 1:14:31pm 1:15:49pm 2:41:05pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Gallatin T 11:42:16am 1:08:43pm 1:09:24pm 1:10:05pm 2:35:56pm 1m 22s 100%
CITY Gasconde T 11:46:57am 1:14:24pm 1:15:28pm 1:16:32pm 2:42:15pm 2m 8s 100%
CITY Gerald T 11:47:47am 1:14:56pm 1:16:16pm 1:17:35pm 2:42:50pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Gilliam T 11:44:14am 1:10:41pm 1:11:58pm 1:13:15pm 2:38:38pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Gladstone T 11:41:13am 1:07:53pm 1:08:45pm 1:09:36pm 2:35:51pm 1m 43s 100%
CITY Glasgow T 11:44:32am 1:11:03pm 1:12:18pm 1:13:33pm 2:38:56pm 2m 30s 100%
CITY Gordonville T 11:51:38am 1:20:14pm 1:20:54pm 1:21:35pm 2:47:24pm 1m 20s 100%
CITY Gower T 11:41:07am 1:07:03pm 1:08:22pm 1:09:41pm 2:35:15pm 2m 38s 100%
CITY Graham T 11:40:12am 1:06:03pm 1:06:58pm 1:07:54pm 2:33:36pm 1m 51s 100%
CITY Grain Valley T 11:41:59am 1:09:08pm 1:09:43pm 1:10:18pm 2:36:50pm 1m 10s 100%
CITY Guilford T 11:40:46am 1:06:53pm 1:07:37pm 1:08:20pm 2:34:11pm 1m 27s 100%
CITY Guthrie T 11:46:09am 1:12:58pm 1:14:18pm 1:15:38pm 2:40:54pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY Hale T 11:43:30am 1:09:58pm 1:10:56pm 1:11:54pm 2:37:29pm 1m 55s 100%
CITY Hallsville T 11:45:47am 1:12:35pm 1:13:41pm 1:14:48pm 2:40:11pm 2m 13s 100%
CITY Hamilton T 11:42:13am 1:08:21pm 1:09:28pm 1:10:36pm 2:36:07pm 2m 15s 100%
CITY Hermann T 11:47:28am 1:14:28pm 1:15:43pm 1:16:58pm 2:42:11pm 2m 30s 100%
CITY Higbee T 11:45:10am 1:11:57pm 1:12:54pm 1:13:52pm 2:39:23pm 1m 55s 100%
CITY Higginsville T 11:42:54am 1:09:30pm 1:10:39pm 1:11:49pm 2:37:37pm 2m 19s 100%
CITY High Ridge T 11:49:21am 1:16:42pm 1:17:50pm 1:18:58pm 2:44:06pm 2m 16s 100%
CITY Hillsboro T 11:49:24am 1:16:42pm 1:18:02pm 1:19:21pm 2:44:25pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Holt T 11:41:37am 1:07:44pm 1:09:02pm 1:10:19pm 2:35:56pm 2m 35s 100%
CITY Holts Summit T 11:46:08am 1:13:05pm 1:14:23pm 1:15:41pm 2:41:06pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY Houstonia T 11:43:38am 1:10:29pm 1:11:34pm 1:12:39pm 2:38:31pm 2m 11s 100%
CITY Hughesville T 11:43:46am 1:10:44pm 1:11:45pm 1:12:47pm 2:38:44pm 2m 3s 100%
CITY Huntsville T 11:45:04am 1:12:09pm 1:12:43pm 1:13:16pm 2:39:07pm 1m 7s 100%
CITY Iatan T 11:40:25am 1:06:36pm 1:07:42pm 1:08:47pm 2:34:45pm 2m 11s 100%
CITY Imperial T 11:49:43am 1:17:05pm 1:18:15pm 1:19:26pm 2:44:31pm 2m 20s 100%
CITY Independence T 11:41:33am 1:08:37pm 1:09:12pm 1:09:47pm 2:36:20pm 1m 10s 100%
CITY Innsbrook T 11:48:14am 1:15:33pm 1:16:28pm 1:17:23pm 2:42:45pm 1m 50s 100%
CITY Jackson T 11:51:37am 1:19:56pm 1:20:51pm 1:21:46pm 2:47:18pm 1m 50s 100%
CITY Jamestown T 11:45:23am 1:12:13pm 1:13:30pm 1:14:48pm 2:40:16pm 2m 35s 100%
CITY Jefferson City T 11:46:02am 1:13:05pm 1:14:19pm 1:15:34pm 2:41:06pm 2m 29s 100%
CITY Kansas City T 11:41:14am 1:08:37pm 1:08:51pm 1:09:04pm 2:36:01pm 0m 27s 100%
CITY Kearney T 11:41:36am 1:07:49pm 1:09:03pm 1:10:18pm 2:36:01pm 2m 28s 100%
CITY Kelso T 11:51:58am 1:21:03pm 1:21:19pm 1:21:34pm 2:47:49pm 0m 31s 100%
CITY Keytesville T 11:44:18am 1:10:54pm 1:11:55pm 1:12:56pm 2:38:27pm 2m 2s 100%
CITY Kidder T 11:42:01am 1:08:07pm 1:09:14pm 1:10:21pm 2:35:53pm 2m 15s 100%
CITY King City T 11:41:11am 1:07:17pm 1:08:08pm 1:09:00pm 2:34:44pm 1m 44s 100%
CITY Kingdom City T 11:46:25am 1:13:17pm 1:14:27pm 1:15:38pm 2:40:56pm 2m 21s 100%
CITY Kingson P 11:45:37am   1:14:04pm   2:41:03pm 0 99.99%
CITY Kirkwood T 11:49:34am 1:17:13pm 1:17:58pm 1:18:43pm 2:44:07pm 1m 30s 100%
CITY Knob Noster T 11:43:17am 1:10:50pm 1:11:17pm 1:11:44pm 2:38:22pm 0m 54s 100%
CITY La Monte T 11:43:32am 1:10:50pm 1:11:33pm 1:12:16pm 2:38:35pm 1m 27s 100%
CITY Lake Mykee Town T 11:46:09am 1:13:04pm 1:14:23pm 1:15:42pm2:41:04pm 2m 38s 100%
CITY Lake St. Louis T 11:48:46am 1:16:38pm 1:16:59pm 1:17:20pm 2:43:09pm 0m 43s 100%
CITY Lathrop T 11:41:38am 1:07:39pm 1:08:58pm 1:10:18pm 2:35:49pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Lawson T 11:41:53am 1:08:01pm 1:09:20pm 1:10:38pm 2:36:12pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Lewis and Clark Village T 11:40:17am 1:06:21pm 1:07:31pm 1:08:40pm 2:34:33pm 2m 19s 100%
CITY Lexington T 11:42:33am 1:09:00pm 1:10:13pm 1:11:26pm 2:37:10pm 2m 26s 100%
CITY Liberty T 11:41:31am 1:08:01pm 1:09:03pm 1:10:05pm 2:36:06pm 2m 4s 100%
CITY Linn T 11:46:43am 1:13:50pm 1:15:05pm 1:16:21pm 2:41:48pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Lithium T 11:50:57am 1:18:32pm 1:19:52pm 1:21:12pm 2:46:12pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Lock Springs T 11:42:37am 1:09:08pm 1:09:50pm 1:10:32pm 2:36:21pm 1m 24s 100%
CITY Lohman T 11:45:41am 1:12:52pm 1:13:58pm 1:15:05pm 2:40:49pm 2m 13s 100%
CITY Longtown T 11:51:15am 1:19:01pm 1:20:18pm 1:21:34pm 2:46:40pm 2m 33s 100%
CITY Ludlow T 11:42:48am 1:09:03pm 1:10:10pm 1:11:16pm 2:36:47pm 2m 13s 100%
CITY Lupus T 11:45:25am 1:12:09pm 1:13:29pm 1:14:49pm 2:40:12pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Maitland T 11:40:09am 1:05:57pm 1:06:54pm 1:07:51pm 2:33:32pm 1m 54s 100%
CITY Marshall T 11:43:53am 1:10:22pm 1:11:41pm 1:13:01pm 2:38:29pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Marthasville T 11:48:14am 1:15:23pm 1:16:34pm 1:17:45pm 2:42:56pm 2m 22s 100%
CITY Maryland Heights P 11:49:27am   1:17:45pm   2:43:51pm 0 99.99%
CITY Maysville T 11:41:31am 1:07:31pm 1:08:37pm 1:09:42pm 2:35:16pm 2m 11s 100%
CITY McBaine T 11:45:24am 1:12:08pm 1:13:27pm 1:14:47pm 2:40:09pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY Mehlville T 11:49:46am 1:17:20pm 1:18:13pm 1:19:05pm 2:44:23pm 1m 46s 100%
CITY Meta T 11:46:09am 1:13:53pm 1:14:37pm 1:15:21pm 2:41:31pm 1m 29s 100%
CITY Mexico T 11:46:25am 1:13:39pm 1:14:19pm 1:14:59pm 2:40:40pm 1m 20s 100%
CITY Miami T 11:43:47am 1:10:10pm 1:11:27pm 1:12:44pm 2:38:08pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Mineral Point T 11:49:11am 1:16:51pm 1:18:01pm 1:19:10pm 2:44:36pm 2m 19s 100%
CITY Miramiguoa Park T 11:48:22am 1:15:40pm 1:16:58pm 1:18:16pm 2:43:33pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY Moberly T 11:45:17am 1:12:34pm 1:12:57pm 1:13:20pm 2:39:20pm 0m 46s 100%
CITY Mokane T 11:46:36am 1:13:31pm 1:14:51pm 1:16:11pm 2:41:28pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY Montgomery City T 11:47:14am 1:14:27pm 1:15:18pm 1:16:08pm 2:41:38pm 1m 41s 100%
CITY Mooresville T 11:42:45am 1:09:06pm 1:10:03pm 1:10:59pm 2:36:37pm 1m 53s 100%
CITY Morrison T 11:47:04am 1:14:02pm 1:15:21pm 1:16:39pm 2:41:53pm 2m 38s 100%
CITY Mound City T 11:39:52am 1:05:29pm 1:06:38pm 1:07:48pm 2:33:22pm 2m 20s 100%
CITY Nelson T 11:44:14am 1:10:51pm 1:12:09pm 1:13:27pm 2:38:57pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY New Bloomfield T 11:46:10am 1:13:01pm 1:14:21pm 1:15:41pm 2:40:58pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY New Florence T 11:47:21am 1:14:30pm 1:15:27pm 1:16:24pm 2:41:48pm 1m 55s 100%
CITY New Franklin T 11:44:48am 1:11:24pm 1:12:44pm 1:14:03pm 2:39:26pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY New Haven T 11:47:56am 1:15:00pm 1:16:16pm 1:17:32pm 2:42:43pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Norborne T 11:42:55am 1:09:12pm 1:10:32pm 1:11:51pm 2:37:21pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Oak Grove T 11:48:12am 1:15:33pm 1:16:49pm 1:18:05pm 2:43:26pm 2m 33s 100%
CITY Oakville T 11:49:49am 1:17:21pm 1:18:18pm 1:19:14pm 2:44:28pm 1m 54s 100%
CITY Odessa T 11:42:28am 1:09:24pm 1:10:14pm 1:11:05pm 2:37:18pm 1m 41s 100%
CITY O'Fallon P 11:48:54am   1:17:07pm   2:43:15pm 0 99.99%
CITY Olean T 11:45:22am 1:13:09pm 1:13:43pm 1:14:17pm 2:40:42pm 1m 8s 100%
CITY Oregon T 11:40:02am 1:05:40pm 1:06:56pm 1:08:13pm 2:33:44pm 2m 33s 100%
CITY Orrick T 11:42:05am 1:08:33pm 1:09:42pm 1:10:50pm 2:36:41pm 2m 18s 100%
CITY Otterville T 11:44:23am 1:11:33pm 1:12:30pm 1:13:27pm 2:39:27pm 1m 54s 100%
CITY Owensville T 11:47:28am 1:14:43pm 1:15:58pm 1:17:14pm 2:42:38pm 2m 31s 100%
CITY Pacific T 11:48:56am 1:16:11pm 1:17:23pm 1:18:35pm 2:43:43pm 2m 24s 100%
CITY Park Hills T 11:49:39am 1:17:24pm 1:18:33pm 1:19:41pm 2:45:07pm 2m 17s 100%
CITY Parkway T 11:48:32am 1:15:44pm 1:17:04pm 1:18:24pm 2:43:33pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY Pattonsburg T 11:41:55am 1:08:41pm 1:08:56pm 1:09:11pm 2:35:26pm 0m 30s 100%
CITY Perryville T 11:51:03am 1:18:46pm 1:20:03pm 1:21:20pm 2:46:25pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Pevely T 11:49:43am 1:17:03pm 1:18:19pm 1:19:35pm 2:44:37pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Pilot Grove T 11:44:30am 1:11:15pm 1:12:31pm 1:13:46pm 2:39:21pm 2m 31s 100%
CITY Platte City T 11:40:49am 1:07:10pm 1:08:12pm 1:09:14pm 2:35:16pm 2m 4s 100%
CITY Plattsburg T 11:41:24am 1:07:24pm 1:08:43pm 1:10:02pm 2:35:35pm 2m 38s 100%
CITY Polo T 11:42:11am 1:08:15pm 1:09:34pm 1:10:52pm 2:36:20pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Potosi T 11:49:04am 1:16:46pm 1:17:53pm 1:19:00pm 2:44:31pm 2m 13s 100%
CITY Prairie Home T 11:45:09am 1:11:56pm 1:13:14pm 1:14:32pm 2:40:00pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY Quitman T 11:40:07am 1:06:38pm 1:06:45pm 1:06:52pm 2:33:17pm 0m 14s 100%
CITY Rayville T 11:42:10am 1:08:24pm 1:09:42pm 1:10:59pm 2:36:36pm 2m 35s 100%
CITY Rea T 11:40:48am 1:06:43pm 1:07:43pm 1:08:44pm 2:34:22pm 2m 1s 100%
CITY Renick T 11:45:21am 1:12:19pm 1:13:05pm 1:13:50pm 2:39:30pm 1m 31s 100%
CITY Rhineland T 11:47:18am 1:14:17pm 1:15:32pm 1:16:48pm 2:42:01pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Richmond T 11:42:21am 1:08:40pm 1:09:56pm 1:11:12pm 2:36:51pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Ridgely T 11:41:04am 1:07:12pm 1:08:25pm 1:09:38pm 2:35:24pm 2m 26s 100%
CITY Rocheport T 11:45:09am 1:11:48pm 1:13:07pm 1:14:27pm 2:39:48pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY Rock Point P 11:45:37am   1:14:04pm   2:41:03pm 0 99.99%
CITY RockPort T 11:39:19am 1:05:04pm 1:05:51pm 1:06:37pm 2:32:27pm 1m 33s 100%
CITY Rosendale T 11:40:38am 1:06:27pm 1:07:33pm 1:08:38pm 2:34:13pm 2m 11s 100%
CITY Rothville T 11:44:01am 1:11:03pm 1:11:27pm 1:11:52pm 2:37:54pm 0m 49s 100%
CITY Russellville T 11:45:33am 1:12:51pm 1:13:51pm 1:14:51pm 2:40:44pm 2m 0s 100%
CITY Salisbury T 11:44:35am 1:11:17pm 1:12:13pm 1:13:09pm 2:38:43pm 1m 52s 100%
CITY Savannah T 11:40:37am 1:06:23pm 1:07:36pm 1:08:50pm 2:34:21pm 2m 26s 100%
CITY Scott City T 11:52:01am 1:20:48pm 1:21:21pm 1:21:54pm 2:47:49pm 1m 6s 100%
CITY Sedalia T 11:43:56am 1:11:16pm 1:12:01pm 1:12:46pm 2:39:02pm 1m 31s 100%
CITY Sedgewickville T 11:51:03am 1:19:12pm 1:20:11pm 1:21:10pm 2:46:41pm 1m 59s 100%
CITY Sibley T 11:41:58am 1:08:31pm 1:09:35pm 1:10:38pm 2:36:36pm 2m 7s 100%
CITY Silver Lake T 11:50:48am 1:18:37pm 1:19:50pm 1:21:02pm 2:46:16pm 2m 24s 100%
CITY Skidmore T 11:40:08am 1:06:07pm 1:06:49pm 1:07:32pm 2:33:24pm 1m 25s 100%
CITY Slater T 11:44:07am 1:10:33pm 1:11:52pm 1:13:10pm 2:38:33pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Smithton T 11:44:12am 1:11:30pm 1:12:19pm 1:13:08pm 2:39:19pm 1m 39s 100%
CITY Smithville T 11:41:11am 1:07:25pm 1:08:36pm 1:09:46pm 2:35:36pm 2m 20s 100%
CITY Smithville Reservoir T 11:41:11am 1:07:26pm 1:08:36pm 1:09:46pm 2:35:36pm 2m 20s 100%
CITY St Louis ( Broadway&Arsenal) T 11:49:58am 1:18:06pm 1:18:20pm 1:18:34pm 2:44:21pm 0m 28s 100%
CITY St. Clair T 11:48:30am 1:15:42pm 1:17:02pm 1:18:22pm 2:43:31pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY St. Cloud T 11:48:07am 1:15:32pm 1:16:45pm 1:17:58pm 2:43:24pm 2m 26s 100%
CITY St. Joseph T 11:40:36am 1:06:23pm 1:07:42pm 1:09:02pm 2:34:34pm 2m 38s 100%
CITY St. Martins T 11:45:43am 1:12:47pm 1:13:59pm 1:15:10pm 2:40:48pm 2m 23s 100%
CITY St. Mary T 11:50:48am 1:18:21pm 1:19:41pm 1:21:01pm 2:46:02pm 2m 40s 100%
CITY Stanberry P 11:41:08am   1:07:58pm   2:34:28pm 0 99.99%
CITY Steelville T 11:47:54am 1:16:04pm 1:16:40pm 1:17:17pm 2:43:29pm 1m 14s 100%
CITY Stewartsville T 11:41:17am 1:07:10pm 1:08:27pm 1:09:44pm 2:35:14pm 2m 34s 100%
CITY Sturgeon T 11:45:39am 1:12:32pm 1:13:28pm 1:14:23pm 2:39:54pm 1m 51s 100%
CITY Sullivan T 11:48:12am 1:15:33pm 1:16:49pm 1:18:04pm 2:43:26pm 2m 32s 100%
CITY Sumner T 11:43:40am 1:10:22pm 1:11:05pm 1:11:49pm 2:37:35pm 1m 27s 100%
CITY Sweet Springs T 11:43:30am 1:10:14pm 1:11:23pm 1:12:32pm 2:38:19pm 2m 19s 100%
CITY Syracuse T 11:44:38am 1:11:48pm 1:12:47pm 1:13:46pm 2:39:43pm 1m 59s 100%
CITY Taos T 11:46:16am 1:13:25pm 1:14:37pm 1:15:50pm 2:41:24pm 2m 25s 100%
CITY Tarkio T 11:39:34am 1:05:38pm 1:06:06pm 1:06:34pm 2:32:40pm 0m 56s 100%
CITY Tina T 11:43:19am 1:09:39pm 1:10:48pm 1:11:56pm 2:37:25pm 2m 17s 100%
CITY Tipton T 11:44:49am 1:11:58pm 1:13:00pm 1:14:02pm 2:39:55pm 2m 4s 100%
CITY Trimble T 11:41:12am 1:07:18pm 1:08:33pm 1:09:49pm 2:35:31pm 2m 31s 100%
CITY Triplett T 11:43:48am 1:10:16pm 1:11:20pm 1:12:24pm 2:37:54pm 2m 8s 100%
CITY Truxton T 11:47:45am 1:15:41pm 1:15:49pm 1:15:56pm 2:42:02pm 0m 15s 100%
CITY Turney T 11:41:38am 1:07:36pm 1:08:55pm 1:10:13pm 2:35:43pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Union T 11:48:25am 1:15:34pm 1:16:52pm 1:18:11pm 2:43:19pm 2m 37s 100%
CITY Utica T 11:42:55am 1:09:22pm 1:10:13pm 1:11:05pm 2:36:46pm 1m 44s 100%
CITY Vienna T 11:46:38am 1:14:39pm 1:15:12pm 1:15:46pm 2:42:06pm 1m 8s 100%
CITY Villa Ridge T 11:48:38am 1:15:50pm 1:17:05pm 1:18:20pm 2:43:28pm 2m 31s 100%
CITY Wardsville T 11:46:05am 1:13:17pm 1:14:26pm 1:15:34pm 2:41:14pm 2m 17s 100%
CITY Warrenton T 11:48:00am 1:15:17pm 1:16:12pm 1:17:07pm 2:42:30pm 1m 50s 100%
CITY Washington T 11:48:23am 1:15:32pm 1:16:46pm 1:18:01pm 2:43:10pm 2m 28s 100%
CITY Washington SP T 11:49:12am 1:16:38pm 1:17:56pm 1:19:14pm 2:44:27pm 2m 36s 100%
CITY Watson T 11:39:07am 1:04:55pm 1:05:35pm 1:06:15pm 2:32:10pm 1m 20s 100%
CITY Weatherby T 11:41:44am 1:07:51pm 1:08:50pm 1:09:49pm 2:35:27pm 1m 57s 100%
CITY Wellsville T 11:47:05am 1:14:29pm 1:15:04pm 1:15:39pm 2:41:22pm 1m 10s 100%
CITY Wentzville T 11:48:35am 1:16:17pm 1:16:48pm 1:17:19pm 2:43:00pm 1m 2s 100%
CITY Weston T 11:40:35am 1:06:53pm 1:07:55pm 1:08:57pm 2:34:59pm 2m 4s 100%
CITY Westphalia T 11:46:26am 1:13:40pm 1:14:50pm 1:15:59pm 2:41:37pm 2m 19s 100%
CITY Wheeling T 11:43:23am 1:10:26pm 1:10:41pm 1:10:56pm 2:37:08pm 0m 30s 100%
CITY Wildwood T 11:49:06am 1:16:30pm 1:17:30pm 1:18:30pm 2:43:44pm 2m 0s 100%
CITY Winston T 11:41:56am 1:08:05pm 1:09:04pm 1:10:04pm 2:35:41pm 1m 59s 100%
CITY Wright City T 11:48:15am 1:15:43pm 1:16:27pm 1:17:10pm 2:42:41pm 1m 27s 100%
CITY COUNCIL Mayor of St.Louis P 11:49:58am   1:18:20pm   2:44:23pm 0 99.98%
CLUB Astronomical Society of Kansas City P 11:41:14am   1:08:56pm   2:36:11pm 0 99.79%
CLUB Boeing Employees' Amateur Astronomers Club P 11:49:42am   1:18:02pm   2:44:07pm 0 99.99%
CLUB Central Missouri Astronomical Society T 11:46:02am 1:13:05pm 1:14:19pm 1:15:34pm 2:41:06pm 2m 29s 100%
CLUB St. Louis Astronomical Society T 11:49:47am 1:17:18pm 1:18:16pm 1:19:14pm 2:44:27pm 1m 56s 100%
DNR Arrow Rock SP T 11:44:23am 1:10:55pm 1:12:15pm 1:13:35pm 2:38:59pm 2m 39s 100%
CITY August Busch Wildlife Area P 11:45:37am   1:14:04pm   2:41:03pm 0 99.99%
DNR Big Lake SP T 11:39:36am 1:05:10pm 1:06:19pm 1:07:28pm 2:33:02pm 2m 18s 100%
DNR Hawn SP T 11:50:33am 1:18:02pm 1:19:22pm 1:20:42pm 2:45:42pm 2m 40s 100%
DNR Mark Twain NF P 11:47:05am   1:15:50pm   2:42:47pm 0 99.85%
DNR Meramec SP T 11:48:12am 1:15:33pm 1:16:49pm 1:18:04pm 2:43:26pm 2m 32s 100%
DNR Pershing SP P 11:43:47am   1:11:06pm   2:37:30pm 0 99.93%
DNR Rock Bridge SP T 11:45:37am 1:12:19pm 1:13:37pm 1:14:56pm 2:40:15pm 2m 37s 100%
DNR St. Francois SP T 11:49:32am 1:17:10pm 1:18:23pm 1:19:36pm 2:44:56pm 2m 26s 100%
DNR St. Joe SP T 11:49:39am 1:17:24pm 1:18:33pm 1:19:41pm 2:45:07pm 2m 17s 100%
DNR Trail of Tears SP T 11:51:37am 1:19:56pm 1:20:51pm 1:21:46pm 2:47:18pm 1m 50s 100%
DNR Van Meter SP T 11:43:47am 1:10:10pm 1:11:27pm 1:12:44pm 2:38:08pm 2m 34s 100%
DNR Wallace SP T 11:41:46am 1:07:46pm 1:09:00pm 1:10:13pm 2:35:42pm 2m 27s 100%
DNR Washington SP T 11:49:27am 1:16:49pm 1:18:09pm 1:19:29pm 2:44:35pm 2m 40s 100%
DNR Watkins Mill SP T 11:41:53am 1:08:01pm 1:09:20pm 1:10:38pm 2:36:13pm 2m 37s 100%
RADIO KCMO Radio P 11:41:07am   1:08:46pm   2:36:00pm 0 99.87%
RADIO KFEQ Radio T 11:40:42am 1:06:29pm 1:07:47pm 1:09:06pm 2:34:37pm 2m 37s 100%
RADIO KFRU Radio T 11:45:41am 1:12:25pm 1:13:43pm 1:15:02pm 2:40:21pm 2m 37s 100%
RADIO KMOX Radio P 11:50:00am   1:18:21pm   2:44:24pm 0 99.97%
RADIO KPLW Radio T 11:48:23am 1:15:32pm 1:16:46pm 1:18:01pm 2:43:10pm 2m 28s 100%
RADIO KSGF Radio P 11:44:20am   1:13:20pm   2:41:05pm 0 95.82%
RADIO KWOS Radio T 11:45:50am 1:12:57pm 1:14:07pm 1:15:18pm 2:40:56pm 2m 21s 100%
RADIO KZIM Radio T 11:51:48am 1:20:13pm 1:21:04pm 1:21:55pm 2:47:31pm 1m 42s 100%
SCHOOL Southwest Missouri State University P 11:44:28am   1:13:30pm   2:41:16pm 0 95.71%
SCHOOL St Louis University Physics P 11:49:58am   1:18:20pm   2:44:23pm 0 99.98%
SCHOOL Univ. of Missouri at Columbia T 11:45:37am 1:12:20pm 1:13:39pm 1:14:57pm 2:40:16pm 2m 37s 100%
SCHOOL Univ. of Missouri-St Louis Astronomy P 11:49:44am   1:18:02pm   2:44:05pm 0 99.93%
SCHOOL Washington Univ. St. Louis Physics P 11:49:44am   1:18:04pm   2:44:09pm 0 99.99%
TV KBSI-TV T 11:51:55am 1:20:22pm 1:21:12pm 1:22:02pm 2:47:39pm 1m 40s 100%
TV KCTV-TV P 11:41:20am   1:08:59pm   2:36:09pm 0 99.99%
TV KDEB-TV P 11:44:20am   1:13:19pm   2:41:03pm 0 96.01%
TV KFVS-TV T 11:51:48am 1:20:13pm 1:21:04pm 1:21:55pm 2:47:31pm 1m 42s 100%
TV KMBC-TV T 11:41:14am 1:08:37pm 1:08:51pm 1:09:04pm 2:36:01pm 0m 27s 100%
TV KMIZ-TV T 11:45:41am 1:12:25pm 1:13:43pm 1:15:02pm 2:40:21pm 2m 37s 100%
TV KMOV-TV P 11:50:00am   1:18:21pm   2:44:24pm 0 99.97%
TV KOLR-TV P 11:44:20am   1:13:19pm   2:41:03pm 0 96.01%
TV KQTV-TV T 11:40:36am 1:06:23pm 1:07:42pm 1:09:02pm 2:34:34pm 2m 38s 100%
TV KRCG-TV T 11:45:37am 1:12:19pm 1:13:37pm 1:14:56pm 2:40:15pm 2m 37s 100%
TV KSDK-TV P 11:49:59am   1:18:21pm   2:44:24pm 0 99.97%
TV KSHB-TV P 11:41:14am   1:08:53pm   2:36:05pm 0 99.93%
TV KSPR-TV P 11:44:20am   1:13:20pm   2:41:05pm 0 95.82%
TV KTAJ-TV T 11:40:40am 1:06:28pm 1:07:47pm 1:09:06pm 2:34:39pm 2m 38s 100%
TV WDAF-TV P 11:41:15am   1:08:52pm   2:36:02pm 0 99.99%

C1:Partial Eclipse begins
C2:TOTAL ECLIPSE BEGINS (When no bright part of the Sun is visible, you can look without eye protection!)
Mid:Middle of the eclipse (the middle of the total phase)
C3:TOTAL ECLIPSE ENDS (Once any bright part of the Sun is again visible, you must use eye protection to safely view the partial phases of the eclipse)
C4:Partial Eclipse ends
Duration:The duration of totality in this location (in minutes and seconds)
Coverage:How much of the Sun is covered at mid-eclipse
IF YOU SEE NO VALUES FOR C2 and C3, you have ONLY a partial eclipse and you MUST USE EYE PROTECTION to watch the ENTIRE eclipse!
In every case, you MUST ALWAYS use eye protection any time any bright part of the Sun is visible, regardless of the times shown in the above table!
(All times are local, in CDT)





Local eclipse circumstances for other states!

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