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Yes, if you miss this one, there will surely be more eclipses you can see on American soil - but why wait?

Here are the next few eclipses the US will get to see in the 21st century, along with a map provided for us by Fred Espenak (check out his GREAT site!):

Total Solar Eclipse Maps from 2001 to 2050 in USA


This eclipse cuts a swath from Texas up to Maine, and goes right over our home base in Indiana! We can't wait!


Only visible from Alaska, and at a terrible time of year weather-wise!


Visible at sunset in western North Dakota and Montana only. Not a very promising eclipse, but you can bet that die-hard eclipse chasers will be there - most likely in Canada!


A beautiful eclipse, that parallels the track of the 2017 eclipse, but farther south so that Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Little Rock, Tallahassee, and Orlando will get their turn in the shadow!


(Not on the map above) Only the very far SE portion of the country will see totality here.


There are three more eclipses after this one, but you know what? We'll all be VERY OLD indeed! Go see the one in 2017!!!