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1) The Video is a free educational tool, derived from the official Eclipse Simulator, and is intended as a general guideline for displaying the possible appearance of the 2023 or 2024 solar eclipse from any given location. does not endorse or approve any specific viewing sites related to the 2024 eclipse. Selection of a suitable viewing site, including due diligence, weather, infrastructure, travel, logistics, selection of time zones, avoidance of trespassing on private lands, and safety considerations, is solely the responsibility of the eclipse observer. Electronic tools such as this video are subject to potential errors in display, rendering, calculation, performance, accessibility, and accuracy. All information displayed in this video is provided “as-is”, with no warranty or guarantee as to suitability of any specific location for viewing the eclipse, that this video will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that this video is suitable for any specific purpose of the viewer. makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information displayed in this video.

2) Permission is freely given to members of news and print media, educators, researchers, and local government/community planning officials, to use this video in part or in full for educational, research, media, or community outreach purposes, provided that credit and a link are given to This permission extends to embedding the video within any official education, media or official government or tourism agency website for promotion of the eclipse in a particular geographic area.

3) Other use of the Video, including commercial use without the express written consent of, is strictly prohibited.

4) Modification of the video or audio content or the Video in any manner is strictly prohibited. You may elect to show your audience, students, or clients any portion of this video; the eclipse sequence begins at timestamp 0:04.

5) Translations of these Terms and Conditions into various languages are provided “AS-IS” and solely for the convenience of the reader. has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the Translations; however, in the event of any perceived discrepancy in meaning or interpretation between the English version and any Translation, the English version will prevail.

6) The Eclipse Simulator, and Videos derived from it, assumes a clear sky on eclipse day. Attempting to simulate weather is not possible given the wide range of possible effects on the appearance of the eclipse.

7) The red banner which advises the use of eclipse glasses is a guide only. When viewing the real eclipse, you MUST use certified eye protection whenever any part of the Sun’s disk is not COMPLETELY covered by the Moon. is pleased to offer ISO-certified eclipse glasses and complete eclipse viewing instructions.

8) The eclipse simulation is presented using a time profile that slows down or speeds up depending on the events currently being displayed. The simulation displays the real clock time, and a thermometer showing the clock speed graphically. The time zone displayed for each location is believed to be accurate, but it is your responsibility to validate the displayed time zone, and to convert the times if you wish to use one that differs from the one that is displayed.

9) The corona and prominence(s) that are displayed during totality are a best guess based on the experience of veteran eclipse observers. They are intended only to be representative of the possible appearance and locations of the actual corona and prominence(s) on eclipse day. The actual prominence(s) (if any) and the corona will be similar, but certainly different, in appearance and size.

10) The clock times shown are based on values of certain eclipse parameters as they were known when the videos were created in early 2021. Because the value of an important parameter (ΔT) is impossible to predict exactly, the clock times you see in the video may vary by up to 2-3 seconds from what you will experience on eclipse day. Therefore, you should not use the times shown in the video for exact eclipse planning purposes. [A value of ΔT = 69.6s was used for all calculations represented within the 2024 total eclipse videos, and a value of ΔT = 69.2s was used for the 2023 annular eclipse videos.]

11) maintains the latest version of the Eclipse Simulator, which uses the most current estimate for ΔT.

12) You may access other videos in this series via the YouTube channel, the particular city pages for cities in our database for the 2023 eclipse or the 2024 eclipse, or the eclipse video selection tools offered at