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It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
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I didn't see totality in 2017

If you didn’t see totality in 2017...

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The 2017 total eclipse path cut across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, and many people took advantage of the opportunity to get into that path and experience totality. We’ve heard so many great stories from folks who saw totality, and there were so many news stories published on eclipse weekend to document everything so that future generations would remember this first great eclipse of the 21st Century in the Western Hemisphere. The remainder of the century will bring so many more, though!

Partial eclipses are still cool…

There were many people who enjoyed the eclipse a great deal, even though they weren’t in the path. Even during a partial eclipse, the experience of watching the Moon move slowly across the face of the Sun (through their eclipse glasses, of course!) gave so many people an uplifting, exciting connection with the universe. It all made August 21, 2017 a day unlike any other in our collective history.

Many people were at work or at school that day, and couldn’t get to the path even if they’d wanted to. Many more people weren’t convinced that totality would be something they wanted to experience, so they chose to stay home. Many others couldn’t travel due to economic or health reasons, but they also were able to fully enjoy the partial eclipse from wherever they were located.

If you were one of those people who didn’t get the chance to see totality, we hope you enjoyed the experience you had. Maybe you’ve heard stories from friends or family members that have convinced you to try and see totality “the next time”. Well, the next time is coming up on us quickly, and it’ll be here in North America in April of 2024!

Totality beats everything!

Totality is an experience unlike any other. Many people are so overwhelmed, they resolve to see every total eclipse for the rest of their lives – no matter where, no matter when! Even if you don’t catch THAT bug, we’re certain that the eclipse of 2024 will leave you awestruck, and will be worth the effort it took to get you into the path!

If you go… then you’ll know!

If you decide to go to the path and experience totality for yourself, then you’ll know what everyone was talking about. If you don’t go, then the next times you’ll be able to see an “easy” total eclipse in North America will be in 2044 or 2045. That’s a long time from now – so please, plan to see it in 2024!

We hope you decide to experience totality for yourself in 2024. Whatever you do, and wherever you go, make sure you have enough eclipse glasses on hand to protect your eyes during the partial phases of the eclipse. This will help make sure your eclipse experience is fun…AND safe! And make sure to share the experience with friends both new and old. Nothing brings people together like the beauty and rarity of an eclipse, and we’d love to know that you had the best day ever on April 8, 2024!