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A Birthday Eclipse!

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Lots of people will be celebrating their birthday on April 8th with a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!

If you are one of those lucky folks...

(or even if your birthday is just a couple days off, and you want to celebrate it with the eclipse anyway...!),

then let us know, and we'll include you on this page!!

When you e-mail, please give us the following information: Name, birthday, age on eclipse day, where you're from, and where you'll be watching the eclipse from.
And if you're under 18, please have your parents e-mail us - to give permission to include you on this page! Thanks!

APRIL 8, 2024

Happy "Eclipse Day" birthday!

Silvia Stella Valdes Vilar
Ross Pierre, celebrating number 69 on eclipse day!
Estefanía Ramirez, celebrating number 31 on eclipse day!
Mitchell Matuszak, celebrating number 17 on eclipse day!
Nicholas Connelly, celebrating number 36 on eclipse day!
Kim McCunney, celebrating number 65 on eclipse day!
Julie Runions, celebrating number 49 on eclipse day! (Watching from Tennessee)
Andrew Nolasco, celebrating milestone number 10 on eclipse day!
Abby normal will be celebrating number 44 on eclipse day! (Watching from Michigan)
Dolores Peña, celebrating milestone number 70 on eclipse day!
Blanca Orellana will be celebrating number 37 on eclipse day! (Watching from Indianapolis)
Luz Mery Pérez will be celebrating number 49 on eclipse day! (Watching from Colombia)
Jamie Garwood will be turning 48 on 4/8!(Watching from Indiana)

Happy "Almost Eclipse Day" birthday!

Brian Timms, celebrating number 75 on April 7th. (Considering Quebec and New York to view from)

Other well-known individuals born on April 8 (with their ages on Eclipse Day 2024):

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) - 77 years old on eclipse day!
John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard) - 64 years old on eclipse day!
Julian Lennon (son of John Lennon) - 61 years old on eclipse day!
Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - 51 years old on eclipse day!
Taylor Kitch (Friday Night Lights) - 43 years old on eclipse day!

Famous persons born on April 8, who have now left us:

Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha), whose birthday is celebrated on April 8 or May 26
Juan Ponce de León, Spanish conquistador - born 1460
Philip IV, King of Spain and Portugal - born 1605
Giuseppe Tartini, Venetian composer - born 1692
Lewis Morris, signer of the Declaration of Independence - born 1726
Christian IX, King of Denmark - born 1818
Albert I, King of Belgium - born 1875
Jim Barnes, English golfer - born 1886
Adrian Boult, British conductor - born 1889
Mary Pickford, Canadian actress - born 1892
Joseph Krips, Austrian conductor - born 1902
Melvin Calvin, American chemist and Nobel prize winner - born 1911
Sonja Henie, Norwegian skater - born 1912
Betty Ford, American first lady - born 1918
Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the UN - born 1938
John Havlicek, American basketball star - born 1940
Catfish Hunter, MLB pitcher - born 1946
Gary Carter, MLB catcher - born 1954
Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL - born 1974